Imperfect LashBase Products?

This is a space dedicated to Imperfect LashBase products.

"Imperfect" - adjective: Something with very minor flaws.

LashBase tests thousands of new and existing products throughout the year, ensuring everything that leaves our warehouse is of the highest standard, and when we spot imperfections, we act. That’s why we’re introducing the Imperfect Picks Collection, offering heavily discounted items whilst avoiding wasting a huge amount of not-quite-perfect stock.

More often than not, these products are still high quality, but may have old branding, a damaged box or the sticky strip may have degraded having been sat in our warehouse for a while.

We believe these items still hold value, whether you’re experimenting with LBX or training. However these products are heavily discounted, so it’s important you read the following before shopping our Imperfect Picks Collection.

  • We do not accept returns for items sold in the Imperfect Picks Collection.

  • Items sold on the Imperfect Picks Collection will be clearly labelled.

  • Items in the Imperfect Picks Collection do not reflect the quality of alternative items on the LashBase website or shop.

Check out our Imperfect Picks Collection here!