How to remove eyelash extensions

We want to help you all with lash extension removals in today's blog!

As we all know, lash extensions look incredibly beautiful. However, all good things have to come to an end and the inevitable lash removal process is inescapable! So we want to help you lash beauties with how we best recommend doing lash removals…and we have the perfect kit for you!

Introducing… our Lash Extension Removal Kit

This Lash Extension Removal Kit includes all the essential products for removing eyelash extensions! This is perfect for those lash artists who only have the occasional lash removal booked in. It has low irritation which means your clients will be completely comfortable during the lash removal process.

Our cream remover works to break down adhesive bonds and safely remove lash extensions quickly and easily. It has a thick cream consistency, making it super easy to apply, and sits on the lashes without running into the eyes or skin. It can be used with any lash adhesive brand including our very own LashBase Adhesive range.

Remember - Do NOT use our Lash Extension Removal Kit on yourself.
It must always be used by a qualified lash technician to make sure it is applied carefully so it does not come into contact with the skin or eyes.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to use our Lash Extension Removal Kit.

Step 1: Clean and dry the eye area. Carefully remove the Premium Shaped Eye Pad from the plastic liner. Apply the eye pad to the lower eyelid over the lower lashes.

Step 2: Remove the Micropore Tape Pad from the plastic liner. With the eye shut, apply the tape pad over the top lashes, leaving a small gap to expose the adhesive.

Step 3: Using the Microfibre Brush, apply a small amount of the Cream Remover to the adhesive bond.

Step 4: When time is complete, gently pull all components down to remove lashes. If applying a fresh lash set make sure to cleanse and prep natural lashes thoroughly.

Here are some extra pro tips to keep in mind when performing lash removals with your clients!

Rubbing or fiddling with extensions right after applying the cream remover may cause a blooming/frosting effect. We all recognize it as the unattractive white stuff that can sometimes occur when using Cyanoacrylate adhesives. So to be sure, the cream remover sits on the lashes for at least 2-5 minutes before you remove the extensions.

Removing lashes is an important step in maintaining thick and healthy natural lashes in between lash extensions. Our cream-based formula makes this easy to use with micropore brushes to ensure all adhesive and lash extensions are thoroughly removed!  If you have any questions, please drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we’d be happy to help out.