How to attract more male clients into your salon

How to attract more male clients into your salon

As a society, despite making significant steps in equality movements in the last decade, there is still a stigma for men revolving around beauty and wellness treatments. Places such as Barbershops have traditionally been heavily male-dominated spaces, making salons/spas the complete polar opposite. We think it’s time to curb this stereotype that salons and spas are exclusively feminine. In this blog, we want to educate everyone on how to be all-inclusive with your clientele and cater to both men and women.



The environment you create in your salon/beauty space is the biggest factor a male will consider when booking an appointment. Think about creating spaces within your salon that are more gender-neutral. An interior space that is gender-neutral will make clientele who aren’t as familiar with your services feel much more comfortable coming into this space. People are more likely to refer men in their lives if they know they’ll feel more at ease coming into the salon environment.

When we are talking about the environment it is important to consider your ‘virtual’ environment also. Make sure your social feed is all-inclusive with some content that men will enjoy. Most will do a quick google search before committing to booking a treatment. Make sure your treatment menu is updated on your website and social feeds. Be as clear and transparent as possible so they will know what to expect when they arrive at your salon.


Make a list!

Why not try to make a list of all the services you offer for men? This could include;

Facials, Lash Lifts, Lash Tint, Brow Lamination, Face & Neck Shave, Pedicures, and Manicures.

Try not to mix these services with those offered to women. If you section your menu, male clients will be able to quickly review what services are offered to them and will help them make a quick informed decision on whether to book an appointment. Again, this helps new clientele who aren’t familiar with your business feel more at ease booking an appointment as they can decide ahead of time which treatment they would like.


Get Referrals

It can be slow, to begin with obtaining male clientele. However, we believe the best way to speed this up is by using referrals. Speak to your clients who have brothers, boyfriends, spouses etc! Why not offer both of them a little referral discount for a treatment? Also coming into your salon for the first time as a pair will be a lot less daunting than a single treatment. Beginning the experience with a positive such as a discount will set a great tone for the treatments they’ll have, and encourage return business.


Retail Products

Offer guidance and advice on products that will best suit their needs. Most people are not opposed to spending money on products that will make them look and feel better. Keep products on show near the waiting area so it’s easy for clients to browse at their leisure.

Thinking of retailing LashBase products? Here are some of our products we think are perfect for retailing to men:

Brow Balm

Face Cleaning Cloth

Lifted. Lash & Brow Oil 

Lash Treatment Serum

We hope this blog post helps you attract more male clientele! As always if you ever have any questions please get in touch with us over on Instagram @LashBase_US we are always happy to help.