Battle of the Primers

Battle of the Primers! 

If you've been a lash artist for a while, you'll know that preparation is key when it comes to lash extensions. 

When starting your lash extension treatment, you need to ensure you are working on clean, natural lashes. This is why prep products are super important, to ensure your clients lash extensions last when they leave your salon.

We have a range of pre-application products available at LashBase, however we know that sometimes it can be difficult to know the difference between them or which prep product is the 'best'. 

We have decided to put them up against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Spoiler alert, it's a draw. Here's why...

The ingredients and chemical makeup of our current best-selling primer and the new LashNeutral are similar however the levels of each are different which gives very different results. Our current primer works by stripping oils from the natural lashes and also acts as an accelerator to make adhesive set faster than it's normal speed.

LashNeutral creates a pH neutral surface on the lash so that the adhesive works exactly as it should. Both are great products and it will come down to the client's natural lashes, the required result, and personal preference.

Primer is great for clients with naturally oily lashes or if you want to accelerate adhesive bonds. It's also great for cool/dry lash rooms!

LashNeutral is a great all-rounder that will work in all environments and creates the strongest bonds. LashNeutral also works great on training/practice lashes to help the adhesive cure as it should and is great in hot/humid lash rooms.

Which one do you think you'll try next?

We hope this blog post has been helpful, as always if you have any questions please drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and our team will be happy to help.