9 Top Tips for Marketing Your New Lash Business

So, you are a newly qualified Lash Technician and you are not sure of where and how to get your first paying clients? It can be daunting but do not fret, we have put together our...

9 Top Tips for Marketing Your New Lash Business.

It covers the basics which should help you get started with your new career.


Register your business on ‘google my business’ so that you show up on ‘Google Maps’ when people are researching “Lash Technicians” in their local area. Google will also give you a higher organic rank position when you are registered on google my business.

Create Facebook and Instagram accounts, these will be your best form of contact with your potential customers. Social channels are also a great way to showcase your services, they are fast becoming the new search engine.

Use your friends and family as models and start taking before and after photos, build a portfolio to show potential clients your work.

Your clients are your greatest advert – and a fantastic marketing tool. A lot of your clients will come to you as recommendations – It may be worth offering a referral scheme, to thank those who have recommended a friend or relative.

Make sure you ask for testimonials/reviews, it’s a known fact that people are more likely to buy a product/service with positive feedback.
When you have great feedback – shout about it!

Showcase your training certificates, insurances, and any accreditations to show you are qualified and licensed. There are so many Lash technicians that aren’t.

The best way to price your services is to find out what your local competitors are charging. You’re using premium products so do check what products they use.
Don’t price yourself out of business and definitely don’t be too cheap. Being too expensive when you don’t have the experience won’t work and on the flip side, being cheap will only make potential clients think you aren’t using good products and that you aren’t as good as others.  Being competitively priced is the best way to get started.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, what are you good at that could set you apart from others? Next is to identify your opportunities and threats. In short, check out your competition so you know what you are up against. Look into local businesses that may help with promoting your business, such as nail bars and local salons (that don’t offer lashes).

It is a very simple, yet effective process that can offer a powerful and useful insight into the issues affecting your business and the industry itself.

Awareness – Create brand awareness so your customers start to recognize you and follow your activity
Interest – Generate interest in your service/product
Desire – Move your audience from ‘liking’ it to ‘wanting it’
Action – Interact with your clients and help them make the next step – in your case, book an appointment.

If you need more on this, a simple Google search will do the trick!

In fact, a great asset to any new business is Google. You can search for all kinds of different advice and tactics to help you succeed.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Let us know if these tips have helped you or if you want more info on any of the sections above. And if you know someone that is just starting up, please share these 9 tips with them and help their new venture get off to a flying start.