Don’t know much about us, but interested in knowing more? Get prepared for a LashBase history lesson (but don’t worry we’ll make it short and sweet).

Our story starts over 12 years ago when our CEO and Founder was working as a home-based lash technician and trainer.  Whilst teaching at her local beauty school, she thought it would be a good idea for her students to have a kit with everything they would need to start lashing. However, lash products don’t last forever, eventually, run out and need to be replenished! So naturally, the demand for products grew, and her students needed a supplier. Put the two together and you guessed it – this is when LashBase was born!

We also got our name in an unusual way (taking inspiration from a DIY store - of all places!). It was the husband of our founder that came up with the idea. In the UK we have home supplies wholesaler called HomeBase (basically a place where you can buy anything related to DIY). We wanted to be the place where lash technicians could buy anything related to lashes, so he suggested we went with ‘LashBase’, and this is when our company name was decided.

We’ve had 12 years of learning, testing and evolving! This means that the products we stock right now are the result of it all. We like to think of ourselves as ‘pioneers’ of the lash industry, we’re changing the game with our products, our customer service and the way we do things. In the UK, LashBase is located in Waterlooville, Hampshire with a small team working behind the scenes. For a small team, we achieve a lot and we are proud to be an inclusive brand.  We never want to say that our products aren't suitable for anyone. We cater to everyone from beginners to masters and especially those that care about quality and professionalism.

With the brand growing rapidly in the UK, it was in January 2019 when the first serious discussion took place – “should we open up in America?”. As you can imagine for a British brand this was a scary but exciting risk, but it was a risk we were willing to take. After a lot of planning, preparation (and flights) LashBase, Inc. has now opened its doors, as is set to be our biggest project yet.