Why Volume Training Changed My Lash Business



Why Volume Training Changed My Lash Business

Written by Julie Sandy
Owner of Salon Lashes 25 (UK Salon)

"Ukraine.....are you joking"

Those were the words that left my hubby's mouth when I announced I had the chance to go and train with the Owner of Vivienne, founder of Lash Art University, Originator of 3D volume technique (her accolades go on....) - Olga Volkova!

He was very encouraging and supportive, but like me, I was a little surprised and was also thinking of the practicalities....what would they eat for 3 days!!! (He's no Gordon Ramsay).

At the time, as a busy mum to 8 & 9-year-old kids, wife and running my beauty business from the recently converted toy room, I juggled as many hours as time allowed, building my clientele. Gone were facials, waxing etc...... I was getting so many new clients for Lash Extensions, I decided to specialize. Little did I know how career-changing this short trip would be!

So, the time came to visit Ukraine and off I went, only knowing 1 other person (by email), in a group of 6. Also the first time I'd traveled alone without my family.

Russian Volume training was tough....my confidence as a lash artist was temporarily shattered. 

Perfection doesn't cover what was demonstrated and expected on this course but the standard I was shown and taught I'll be forever grateful for......it literally changed my future path and career.

Away from the classroom I got to drink proper Russian Vodka and ate authentic Chicken Kiev whilst in Kiev!!! Best of all, I made new forever lash friends on that trip.

Back home, I practiced every day (literally) - not easy finding the time, but I had an inkling the investment would eventually pay dividends (and with luck cash too!). I then took every Russian Volume course in the UK (£5k worth to be precise), to build on my skills and knowledge.

Here I am 6 years later, with a full book of Russian Volume clients and 5 years teaching experience under my belt (I introduced Russian classes to The Southern School of Beauty) and am proud to say that in March 2019, I joined Team Lashbase UK as their Hampshire Lash Trainer. 

My goal is to pass my knowledge, skills & experience to my students through high-quality training (I don't believe in guarded knowledge) and hopefully inspire the next generation of lash artists.

"Take that unexpected and sometimes scary step".

Thanks for reading!

Julie x

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