We're moving to Florida!

In case you weren't aware, we are packing up shop and relocating to Orlando! After a very short stint in Atlanta, we soon realized that this wasn’t the right home for LashBase US. Despite this, we have had a great first 6 months and wouldn’t have changed this experience for the world as we have learnt so much about our business and it's the only way we can continue to grow!

Our move will start to take place on June 17th and we will be settled in Orlando on June 27th!

Why are we relocating to Orlando?
Initially when we set up in Atlanta, we put our primary focus on business! It’s a great location for a multitude of reasons and therefore made sense for us to set up our US branch here!

We have been in the US for 6 months now and the business is going excellently, even better than we imagined, so we have achieved our initial goal!

However, LashBase is a family run business and when we come to the US, we work alone, without friends or family, it can become very isolating. Therefore we are also missing out on important parts of life, like seeing our children grow and being around our family!

As our business is based in the UK we wanted to have the right work - life balance. We currently work from both the UK and US with one member of the Butler family going to the US on a solo stint to manage the US warehouse.

We value the importance of spending time with family and unfortunately we weren't managing this balance in Atlanta, however after discussing it as a family, we felt that these needs would be met in Orlando!

So, how might this move affect your order?
As much as we would love to wave our magic mascara wands and have the move happen without any complications, we must confess that we aren’t lash fairies and unfortunately we are having to go about business in different ways to ensure the move proceeds as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your orders and business.

Although it’s a short time period, we don’t want to close down LashBase US as we don’t want any of you to miss out on your orders! We value how important it is that you have access to your lash products at any time which is why we didn’t want to close down during the move.

All orders placed between 06/17/2022 - 06/24/2022 on LashBase.com will be shipped from our UK warehouse, while our team in the US makes the move to Orlando. Please note that this WILL NOT have any impact on the shipping times. Our orders will still have a 2-3 day shipping service* Whilst it’s highly likely that you won’t notice any difference in our service while we make the move, we always like to be upfront, open and transparent so that our community knows everything and can place orders accordingly. Any orders dispatched during this period will also receive a free shipping coupon for use on their next order (T&C's apply). 

The only time in which there could be a delay in your order is if you order on Friday 24th. Any order placed on this day will receive their orders the following Monday (06/27/2022) As we will be shipping temporarily from the UK, this means the shipping cost will increase very slightly to help us manage the change, so any orders placed 17th to 24th will receive complimentary free shipping on your next order (from our new Florida warehouse)

If you want to keep updated with our move to Florida, head over to @lashbase_jamie Instagram page where he will regularly be giving the latest news and goings on at LashBase US HQ!