Temporary PRE made price drop

Why are we having a price drop?
In case you haven’t heard, We are temporarily reducing the cost of our industry leading XXL PRE-Made Fans to match that of our PRO-Made fans. But why?
We understand that the shortage of PRO-Made Fans means that many of you may be out of stock and having to either think about cancelling bookings, or looking elsewhere for stock. ⁣⁣⁣We want to apologise for the shortage and offer some sort of resolution to help whilst our PRO-made lashes are out of stock.

This means that although we won’t be profiting from sales, you can continue your business without worry or extra added stress.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Our PRE-made lashes are perfectly perfect in every way! The manufacturing/quality control is so strict and high-end that the manufacturing costs are so much higher. BUT for now, our XXL Pre Made Fan's will be only £18.99, making them the best quality on the market.⁣⁣ 
The difference between PRE and PRO made fans!
Did You Know: Pro Made and Pre Made fans are made in EXACTLY the same way and the only difference is the name the supplier has chosen to give them.

Did you also know: Manufacturers originally lied to suppliers about the differences.

Because of all of this, the lash industry is currently going through a very confusing and misleading time.

So here’s a very quick and simple way of understanding what it is that you should be looking for (from any and all brands, not just us) so you can ignore the names “pro” or “pre” made…

Current industry standards for the best PRE or PRO made fans: Snatched/bundled bases and fans that are indistinguishable from a hand made fan. These are either loose in trays/pots or on a strip but attached to the strip in the middle of the fan. You’ll find these called “PRO made” “New generation PRE made” or even quite simply “PRE made”. Ignore the name and look at the fans before buying instead.

Older generation fans that are still good and can be used confidently: lightweight and healthy bases (quite often flat bases) that are attached to the strip at the base/root. These often come in short or long root/stem options and are perfectly good for using to create beautiful sets. Again, try to ignore the name and take a look at the fans (should be pictures on the website) before you buy. If in doubt, message the supplier.

Original PRE-made lashes that you should avoid: Big boxy flat bases that come in trays and are often too thick of a diameter to be safe for the natural lash. These are the pre made fans that give pre made fans a bad name in our industry. If you dislike pre made fans, it’s likely because you have only used these. Again, look at the pictures and check the diameters used.

For LashBase, our “PRO-made fans” that come loose in boxes are manufactured in an identical way to our new generation PRE-made fans (all of our XXL trays). They all have perfectly bundled bases and give the same final look. The difference is that one is on strips and one is loose. For us (may be different for other suppliers), our volume fans in trays are manufactured in a much slower and more precise way. This is why there is such a difference in cost to us and cost to you.

Conclusion: PRE and PRO is just a name rather than a differentiator. Always look at the pictures, read the descriptions and/or speak with your supplier if you are unsure.

We hope this blog post has helped explain the reasons behind our price reduction and the differences between our PRE and PRO made lashes! 
For further enquiries, feel free to email the team at hello@lashbase.com where our team will be able to assist with your enquiry!