PROeffect lashes - All you need to know!

Are you struggling to find time to have your own lashes done or are you looking for an alternative treatments to offer to clients- if the answer is YES then you MUST check out our PROeffect+ range which are the closest thing to having lash extensions at home. They're the perfect hybrid of our professional lash extensions and our strip lashes. 

What are PROeffect+ Lashes? 
Our new PROeffect+ lashes are "ready-to-cut" strips lashes, which are applied underneath the natural lash line and attach to lashes. They are made from the same professional fibres and design as our individual lash extensions, making them the closest thing to real lash extensions!

Why you should use PROeffect+ and how to add them into your treatment guide!
PROeffect+ are the perfect alternative to lash extensions therefore they are ideal for numerous amount of reasons and a no brainer as an added extra to your current treatment guide, here are just a few reasons we love them!

  • Great for MUAs and a perfect addition for prom and weddings as they last longer than the regular strip lash. 
  • Ideal for clients who can't have lash extensions due to allergies.
  • A quick 15 minute treatment to offer clients who struggle to sit still or don't have time to allocate to a full lash appointment.
  • Perfect for busy lash artists when you don't have the time to get your own lashes done. 
  • A great treatment and product to retail for clients going on holiday. 

What styles and sizes do the PROeffect+ lashes come in? 
Light glam
Full glam

Extra Short - 8mm                  
Short - 10mm
Medium - 12mm
Long - 14mm
Extra Long - 16mm

How long do the PROeffect+ lashes last? 

The lashes will last up to 7-10 days when applied with PROeffect+ Lash Bond.

What is PROeffect+ Lash Bond? 
PROeffect+ Lash Bond, is our new fast-drying, long-lasting lash glue which has been specifically designed for our PROeffect+ lashes.  

Creating different styles with the PROeffect+ Lashes?
There are a variety of different styles to choose from therefore you are still able to recreate your favourite lash map using the assortment of different lengths we retail! You can even layer your PROeffect+ this is ideal to create a darker lash line, fluffy textured sets or create a more dramatic style!


How to remove PROeffect+
If you have used the PROeffect+ Lash Bond, we recommend an oil based makeup remover or even baby oil. Apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently massage the eyes, if the lashes are being stubborn and not loosening from the lash line, leave the pads on your eyes for 5 minutes!   

We hope this FAQ has been helpful!
We would love to see your results using the PROeffect+ lashes and hear your feedback - make sure to tag us on Instagram @Lashbase_us