PROeffect+ False Lashes FAQ

Have you been keeping a close eye on our socials? If so, you would have seen that we've re-launched our PROeffect+ Lashes!

PROeffect+ lashes are the closest thing to having lash extensions at home. They're the perfect hybrid of our professional lash extensions and our strip lashes. 

We know a new launch means you may have a few questions. So to help we've put together a PROeffect+ FAQ so you can find out all there is to know!


What are PROeffect+ Lashes? 

Our new PROeffect+ lashes are pre-cut strips lashes, which are applied to the natural lash line. They are made from the same professional fibres and design as our individual lash extensions, making them the closest thing to real lash extensions! 

What curl are the PROeffect+ lashes? 

The lashes are a CC Curl so they'll suit all eye shapes! 

What sizes do the PROeffect+ lashes come in? 

Size Breakdown:
Extra Short - 7mm, 9mm, 11mm
Short - 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Medium - 9mm, 11mm, 13mm
Long - 10mm, 12mm, 14mm


How long do the PROeffect+ lashes last? 

The lashes will last up to 7 days when applied with PROeffect+ Lash Bond.

What is PROeffect+ Lash Bond? 

PROeffect+ Lash Bond, is our new fast-drying, long-lasting lash glue which has been specifically designed for our PROeffect+ lashes

Can I use an Eyeliner Adhesive/Strip Lash Glue to apply PROeffect+ Lashes?  

We recommend using our PROeffect+ Lash Bond for the best results. However, you can use an Eyeliner Adhesive or strip lash glue to apply the lashes. If using strip lash glue, we recommend placing the lashes along the natural lash line (in the same way you would apply strip lashes.)

Where do I apply the PROeffect+ Lashes?

After cutting the lash to fit your eye, using LashBase straight Scissors. If using PROeffect+ LashBond, you can apply the lashes underneath your natural lashes or on top. If using strip lash glue or eyeliner adhesive, then apply to the lid like normal.

Can I layer the PROeffect+ Lashes?

Yes of course! Our first range is based around achieving a natural look, but if you’re someone who likes a full and fluttery look you can get creative and layer them!

How do I remove them?

If you have used the PROeffect+ Lash Bond, we recommend a waterproof makeup remover or even baby oil. If you are wearing the lashes like a strip lash then use your usual removal process.

Can I retail the lashes to my clients?

Of course! PROeffect+ lashes are great for clients who want to achieve that lash extension look at home. We offer 40% off for lash artists, just use the code TRADEBEAUTY at checkout (Please note this code cannot be used on our professional range). 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To be eligible for 40% off anything in the LashBase Beauty category (Strip Lashes, Beauty Cloths, Eyeliner Adhesive, Serums, Applicators and PROeffect+) you will need to meet the minimum order value of £150 ex vat (before the code is applied).

How much should you retail them for?

Although it is completely up to you, we recommend retailing all of the LashBase Beauty range at the same price as us. This is so your clients can get the same great price going through you as they could coming direct to us. Please note, our prices are excluding VAT so you will need to add that on to your retail price. For example, 1x tray of PROeffect+ lashes are £12.49+VAT so you would retail them at £15.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful! We would love to see your results using the PROeffect+ lashes, so make sure to tag us on Instagram @LashBase_US so we can see your photos and hear your feedback!