How to retail PROeffect+

Not only can you use PROeffect+ for personal use but you can also add this quick and speedy service to your treatment guide to offer clients or simply just retail the PROeffect+ products for clients to use at home- the uses are endless.

Getting the word out there can be tough, so we have put together a few ideas of how you can notify your current and potential future clients about this exciting new treatment!

* Perfect for makeup artists or for therapists who offer makeup services, especially for events such as weddings or proms

* Ideal for clients who have allergies to adhesive

* A great alternative to extensions for clients who don’t have the time to have their lashes done or who are looking for a compromise

* Perfect for busy lash artists on the go who can’t find the time to get their lashes done

* An option to retail for clients going on holiday

* Additional retail for clients to purchase as gifts

Although this may sound steep, we recommend charging $60-$70 for this as a combined service and retail kit.

The $60-$70 comes from the client needing to buy a “kit” (PROeffect+, applicator and bond) which costs around $50 so this will give you a slight profit, in addition the PROeffect+ can be cleansed and reused several times giving around 7-10 weeks of lash wear, saving the client money if they regularly buy strip lashes or are wanting an alternative treatment from extensions!

Clients may not want to purchase the applicator and choose to apply with their own tweezers or applicators which they have at home, therefore pricing can be amended upon their request!

On the flip side, you as a lash artist can retail PROeffect+ for whatever YOU wish, there are no rules, just our suggestions and guidance 

We hope that this blog post has helped give you some inspiration of how you can retail PROeffect+ into your treatment guide or offer this as an additional service! 

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