How to level up your lash pictures


Getting the right angle to showcase your work is VITAL to attract new clients and engage with a larger audience, the wrong angle can literally destroy the look of a gorgeous set. To help save you stress, we have put together the most popular angles which you can try out on future clients.

1 - full face - your client will be either
lying down or sitting up, Ask your client to gaze upwards and tuck their chin in slightly, use a mascara brush as a cue as to where they should be looking.

2- Closed eye underneath- the ultimate angle for showcasing your isolation skills!

3-  Single eye, Close-up shots are the true money shots because they show off the neatness of your work by zooming in on the lashes.

4- Above, capture those lash naps and showcase the look for above, this is super satisfying and can be great for capturing isolation shots or “progress” pictures throughout treatments. 

5- Before and after, this is the perfect way to showcase your work. They can really identify the beauty of having a lash extension.


Good lighting makes a bigger difference than you can even begin to imagine so invest in a good ring light, Your Instagram feed will look amazing with crisp, high-quality photos. We suggest nothing smaller than 18” We recommend The LashBase Pro Light as a staple piece for ALL lash artists. How you light your photos will make every difference to the final product and the quality of your pictures. Ensure to take photos that are not against the light to avoid shadowing.

Ditch those filters, a clear concise image with slight editing will capture your audience's attention a lot quicker and appear far more professional on your socials.  Be sure not to over edit as this can ruin the quality and create an almost “fake” effect which can be unappealing to the client!

We hope these simple and straightforward tips help to level up your pictures! To keep updated follow us on Instagram (@lashbase_us)