How to avoid lash extension brush offs

Today we're talking about brush offs! With the return to work, you may find that lash extension brush offs are more common. But, don't worry we are here to help. In today's post we're going to talk about why brush offs happen and share our top tips on how to avoid lash extension brush offs. 
Why do I get lash extension brush offs?
In short, 99.99% of the time, brush offs are caused from the adhesive drying too quickly. In today’s world, clients wearing masks and also not lashing for a period of time due to lockdowns are enough to cause adhesive to set quicker and also your speed to drop by a split second. Both of which can result in an increase in brush offs. 
How do I avoid lash extension brush offs?
Brush offs can be avoided, here are a few things to take into consideration when lashing... 
Lashing Speed 
Make sure to select an adhesive that suits your speed and technique. After a break from lashing you may find your speed has changed. Working with an adhesive that's too quick for you will result in more brush offs, as the adhesive will cure before it's placed on the lash. This will result in the extension not adhering to the natural lash. We have a range of adhesives with different curing times, if you would like to browse the range you can find it here. You may want to start with a slower curing adhesive, whilst you build your speed back up. You can always switch back to a faster curing adhesive later on! 
Believe it or not, PPE can increase adhesive curing time! When your clients return to your salon, they'll be wearing masks. This means that when the client lays down their hot breath will travel upwards to the point of application. This will increase the temperature and humidity around the application point, therefore accelerating the adhesive, causing it to cure quicker, and therefore causing brush offs. One way to try and tackle this is to tape down your clients mask before you begin application using Micropore Tape.
Make sure you are isolating correctly and leaving enough time for the extension to adhere to the natural lash. Wait a couple of seconds, before moving on to another section, and brush through the lashes throughout the set. All these little tips will ensure the lash extensions adhere to the natural lashes correctly, and will help prevent brush offs at the end of the set. 
We hope this blog has been helpful. As always if you have any question feel free to drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we'll be happy to help x