FAQ's: Pro Made Fans

We would like to introduce you to LashBase Pro Made Fans. The perfect collection for creating stunning, textured sets without spending too much time on one client, as you are not needing to worry about creating your own fans. With a soft, matte appearance, the fans work by adding drama and dimension to a lash look. 

Our Pro-Made Fans are handmade to a high standard, available to help Lash Artists carry out volume sets in a speedy time. 

Here are a few more details about the Pro-Made Fans:  

  • Industry-leading value
  • Cuts treatment time = more clients = Higher income!
  • Fans are available in matte black.
  • Each fan is handmade, meaning they are not identical but offer unbeatable results.
  • We ensure that each fan is made using premium quality PBT materials.
  • Small base with minimum adhesive.
  • Approximately 475-535 fans per box.

Have a few questions about the new collection, just take a look at our FAQ’s below!

What's the difference between Pre-mades and Pro-mades?

The manufacturing process is slightly different. Pre-mades are created using a tool to make the fans symmetrical. This process is long and labour costs are very high. This is why pre-mades often cost more. Pro-made fans are simply handmade fans created by professionals at scale. Efficient and cost-effective which means we can offer those saving to the end user making pro-mades great value.

What are the best tweezers to use with Pro-mades?

Choosing the right tweezers does depend on personal preference.  As lash tweezers are handmade, they can make the same styles work differently due to the difference in tension, bite point, and weight. However, if you could like a little bit of direction, here is a link to our most popular tweezers for fans: click here

How do the curls compare to your other ranges?

Pro-Made Fans curl range match that of our LBX and other pre-made fan ranges.

Are they Matte or Gloss?

Fans are available in a smooth matte black.

How do you apply them?

They have a similar application to Classic lashes. Pick up and attach. Make sure you are using enough adhesive too. The main key to great pro-fan retention is to make sure the bases are not lifted off of the natural lash. If you are struggling with this, you can attach on the underside or side of the natural lash too!

Some fans aren't symmetrical, why is this?

Our Pro-Made Fans are handmade to a high standard, available to help Lash Artists carry out volume sets in a speedy time. Due to them being handmade, just like when you hand-make them yourself,  it means that no two fans are identical, perfect for creating stunning, textured sets that mimic a handmade volume set with many believe these beat fully symmetrical fans for that “real” look.

How many sets can you get from 1 pot?

It depends whether you are buying 1000 or 500 fans and what coverage you are hoping to achieve, but a pot of 1000 fans can create up to 7 lash sets which is the same amount as a standard tray of lashes!

How much is the product cost per set?

We want to ensure that our customers are getting great value for money. With our new Pro-Made Fans, they will cost a Lash Artist between $3 - $6 per set of Russian lashes (that’s approx $0.02 per fan)! In comparison to the $10 - $15 cost of Pre-Made Fans for each set. With less time spent making them and less money on buying them, we are offering multiple benefits for the price of 1!

Can I use these with only Classic Lash qualification?

Yes, if your insurance provider also accepts pre-made fan application under classic qualification (which most do) so please also check with them.

Can you mix pre-made and pro-made?

Yes, definitely. You can mix any combination of pro-mades and pre-mades. You can also mix classic lashes to create stunning hybrid sets. Pro-made fans are also ideal to supplement your handmade russian volume sets to save time on appointments. Perfect for clients that don't have a lot of spare time!